Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Favorite Jewelry

I have a love affair with jewelry. I have so much that I feel bad I can't wear it all but I still continue to buy it! I always give my friends jewelry as gifts! So here is just a few of my favorite pieces... (believe me I have much more but this is just a start).

Information about the jewelry:
1st picture: (from top): Ring from Fabrik
2nd picture: Gold cocktail ring from Apparel Mart
3rd picture: All rings from Mart except for ring on pinky from Banana Republic, and ring on thumb from J. Crew.
4th picture: Earrings from Apparel Mart
5th picture: David Yurman ring in smoky quartz
6th: Smoky quartz ring I got for my birthday.
7th: Thin bands (3 separate rings) I stole from my mom
8th: David Yurman Ring
9th: Forever 21 Earrings
10th: Earrings from Apparel Mart
11th: Bracelet from Ann Taylor and Michael Kors watch
12th: 2 David Yurman bracelets, gold bracelet from Apparel Mart, and turquoise bracelet I made.
13th: Black bracelet Tory Burch


  1. Wow so much! The black Burch bracelet stands out for me, love it! xx

  2. Thanks. I know it was a large post but I couldn't pick between my favorite pieces so had to show a lot! I am going to be posting more outfit pics soon! Thanks for checking my site out!